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How to Survive During a National Crisis

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a real doozy so far, and it will probably continue to be so. Those of us in the spiritual community knew these “End Times” were afoot, as the planets told the story to expect a rocky couple of years. Despite the difficulties we face, I am hopeful; knowing that these events are all happening for a reason as the old control-based regime falls and new era of Light is ushered in. We are right on schedule, and I have faith that we will get through these trials and tribulations.

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How to Manage Stress & Anxiety

We are living in very challenging times. Not only do we have to deal with stress from our jobs, relationships, and other personal challenges, we often have to deal with collective anxiety as the human species struggles with threats that affect everyone on the planet.

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What is a Virus? A Spiritual Perspective

My strongest spiritual gift is my sensitivity: I have clairsentience and clairgustance (the ability to smell energy). When I am around someone that has a cold or bacterial infection I can both smell and taste the pathogens in the air, as well as feel the pathogen’s energy. Viruses have a very distinct smell that is a little different from bacteria. Either way, they both smell and taste terrible!

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A Spiritual Perspective on the Coronavirus

SARS in 2003, The Swine Flu/H1N1 in 2009, Zika in 2015, and now the Coronavirus in 2020. Once again the world is swept up in a whirlwind of fear over another deadly viral outbreak. I decided to tune into my spirit guides for their perspective and recommendations on how we can protect ourselves from infection.

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Natural Ways to Boost your Immune System

In the wake of this deadly Coronavirus, people are looking for ways to stay safe. First, make sure you are spiritually strong, as viruses attack the body energetically as well as physically. It is important for us to not be in fear of the Coronavirus or any infectious disease. What we need to do is strengthen our immune system. Many diseases are caused by a failure of the immune system and our inability to control viruses that hide out in our bodies. Diseases of the thyroid, pancreas, and some liver diseases for example are now thought to be caused by latent viruses. Here are some natural and cost-effective ways to boost your immune system to not only fight viruses, but to maintain long-term health.

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A Meditation for Forgiveness

We have all heard the saying “To err is human, to forgive is Divine.” This is true; Divine beings can and do forgive quite easily (if they even bother to get assign blame or get upset in the first place), but more importantly, every human must be able to forgive to fully access the Divine that exists within themselves. Please know that on the other side of forgiveness, is many of the things that you want but have not been able to manifest on your own.

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Holiday Survival 101

Holidays are not Fun for Everyone…

For most of us, the holiday season is a joyful time to spend with family and friends. We enjoy some retail therapy, are lavished with gifts from loved ones, and have an excuse to eat rich foods that know we have no damn business eating. Our otherwise empty social calendars tend to be full around holiday time, giving us something to be excited about. Everything is decorated in bright reds, silvers and sparkly golds, and everywhere you go smells like peppermint lattes and fresh pine. There is a palpable sense of merriment in the atmosphere that we can all feel.

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Grief & Loss During the Holidays

Getting through the holidays once a key family member has made their transition is one of the hardest things we humans will ever have to do. Can you imagine getting through a Thanksgiving dinner without your mother who used to set it out with a delicious meal every year? Missing all of the love she put into her food and arguing with your siblings about who will host dinner from now on and who makes the best collard greens and mashed potatoes.

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Friendsgiving: A New Concept for the Holidays

Friendsgiving: A Wonderful New Concept

I love this new term, and I think it is the wave of the future. As we move into the fifth dimension, we are not going to be able to take all of our relations with us. You may decide that in spite of your love for your family, you have moved on to a higher stage of consciousness and do not have much in common with them anymore, making holiday dinners a drag–this can often be reflected in something as simple as the menu: You may find that due to your new dietary requirements you can’t eat half of the food that is served at your relatives’ traditional holiday dinner—do you really think the vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, organic stuffing that you plan to bring is going to be a success? Now you know your daddy is not going to eat that!

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Essential Oils vs. Synthetic Fragrance: Which is Better?

The use of fragrance goes back to the ancient times. For thousands of years, humans have used oils, incense, and extracts to set a mood for events, or to scent their bodies. In those days natural substances like herbs, leaves, flowers, roots, woods, and animal secretions were harvested for their aromas. These same natural materials are still available today, but thanks to modern science and industrial technologies we also have an array of synthetic fragrances to choose from as well. So, which is better? Whether you choose to use naturally derived or commercial synthetic fragrances to scent your body and home, you will have some safety issues to consider; there are benefits to using both essential oils and synthetic fragrances, but they are both hold some potential dangers. Let’s explore both as you consider whether natural or synthetic fragrance is best for you and your family.

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