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What is Spiritual Cleansing?

What is spiritual cleansing and why do we need it? Just like the body, the human energy field needs a “tune up” once and a while, and that starts with removing any energies that don’t belong there. For the sake of this post, let’s refer to the very complex human energy field as the “Aura.” The Aura is a field that projects about 2-3 feet (or more if you are particularly spiritually powerful) and its a reflection of the energy you were born with (think original factory settings) and it reflects your most recent thoughts and your current emotional state.

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Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

Wild Purple Energy Products make amazing and unique gifts for the holidays. This can be a very stressful time for Americans; many people are overworked and stressed out, and in a post-pandemic America, more people are experiencing grief than ever before. Many of us are world-weary and emotionally battered and bruised. Our energized aromatherapy products can provide some relief.

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What is an Energy Health & Wellness Consultation?

Energy Health & Wellness sessions contain an emotional, spiritual and physical health “discovery” process using various methods of biofeedback to find out if there is an emotional or spiritual root cause of any ailments you may be experiencing. We will perform an energy balance (a more targeted form of energy healing) to address these root causes or any other health goals you bring to the session.

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What is a Bach Flower Essence Consultation?

Emotions are energy, so using an energy-based healing modality is the best way to get them under control. Flower Essences are considered “frequency” or “vibrational” healing modalities, which makes them effective tools for emotional and behavioral management. Flower Essences are uniquely able to gently and safely tame rampant emotions, strengthen a weak personality, relieve stress, release emotional trauma, dissolve emotional patterns and break destructive habits on very deep levels, including patterns that are subconscious in nature. Since stuck emotional energy is one of the major causes of physical dis-ease, Bach Flower Essences can also be helpful in addressing physical symptoms as well.

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What is Divine Health?

Often on my site and social media you will hear me refer to the term “Divine Health.” So I thought I would explain what I mean. It is my belief that the human body was not designed for disease, sickness, or mental turmoil. I do not believe that the first humans had these experiences with the same frequency as modern humanity. Diseases or sicknesses would have happened solely as a manifestation of an experience that soul decided to have, or it would be the soul’s way of choosing their method of transition off of the Earth plane (death); mental strife would happen as a response to difficulties, but would usually be a temporary situation and not something that the human would have to manage long term.

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Multiple Systems of Medicine: You have options!

Did you know that there are many different systems of medicine besides that which we find in the clinics and hospitals in the American healthcare system? Allopathic medicine, is the type of medicine that is practiced in America and other western healthcare systems, but there are many other types: According to the FDA, and the AMA, these other systems and their practitioners fall under the “alternative” medicine umbrella, but there really isn’t anything alternative about them.

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The Importance of Grounding

Our ancestors understood the importance of staying connected to nature. Most modern Westerners have forgotten this: we live in fortresses of comfort that shield us from the energies of nature, and trap us in a cage of man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that disrupt our biofields. These disruptive frequencies can cause emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances, and could be one cause in the rise of ADHD diagnoses.

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An Invisible Enemy?

In the midst of the pandemic, we have been hyper-focused on viruses which are indeed an invisible enemy. But I want to draw your attention to another invisible enemy that you might not be giving much thought to right now. This enemy is in your home, car, and your workplace. It’s beloved, worshiped, and something that modern Americans could not live without even if you paid them a million dollars to give it up. I am talking about the Electromagnetic Radiation and Radio Frequencies (EMF, EMR, RF) oozing out of your beloved electronic devices.

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To Holiday or not to Holiday?

During the pandemic, that is the question

Unless you were around in 1918 during the Spanish Flu, for the first time, Americans will have to attempt to celebrate a holiday season during a Pandemic. No matter what state you live in, our government has imposed shut-down orders and some have even gone so far as attempting to put restrictions on how Americans celebrate inside of their own homes. These restrictions don’t sit well with many, and others think they are absolutely necessary to keep us safe–no matter what side of the “fence” you may sit on, we all have some serious decisions to make: are we going to participate in holiday festivities with our loved ones, or abstain?

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What to do if You’re Alone during the Holidays

If you are not able to orchestrate time spent with others around the holidays due to the pandemic or whatever reason, it doesn’t mean that you absolutely cannot have a good time. Perhaps having a good time is unrealistic, but you certainly do not have to be miserable. Here are some things you can do to cheer yourself up if you’re on your own during the holidays:

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