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Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

Wild Purple Energy Products make amazing and unique gifts for the holidays. This can be a very stressful time for Americans; many people are overworked and stressed out, and in a post-pandemic America, more people are experiencing grief than ever before. Many of us are world-weary and emotionally battered and bruised. Our energized aromatherapy products can provide some relief.

Wild Purple Energy’s energized aromatherapy products can help people get your friends and family through tough times like holiday dinners with toxic family members, recover from a rough day at work, or help lighten the emotional load of grief or other emotional health concerns. If you’re not sure what to give, check out the Gift-Giving Guide below. You can also simply visit our “Products by Scent” page, where you can view all product line descriptions and products in each line. Happy gift-giving!

How to Use the Guide

Below you will find product line recommendations based on common emotional ailments. Click on the product line name to read an expanded description of how the products work, how they smell, and what products are in the line. Gift ideas are recommendations of two products that work very well together. Enjoy!


Balancing Product Line, Grounding Product Line, Uplifting Product Lines

Grounding is best for spaciness, irritation and lack of focus due to anxiety. Balancing is relaxing and Uplifting can help to provide clarity and clear thinking to help self-soothe.

Gift Ideas: I recommend an Aura Spray with the matching Perfume Oil. The two products used together increase the potency and work better together. A great gift combination!


Uplifting Product Line, Balancing Product Line, Detach Product Line

The source of the negativity is the best way to choose which of the above product lines to select. If you or the individual is experiencing depression and is not aware of the source, then go with Detach Product Line. Otherwise, Uplifting is the best choice for most melancholies. Choose Balancing if the individual experiences cycles of both anxiety and depression. Make sure that your friend knows that our products are not replacements for any treatments or medications they’ve been prescribed.

Gift Ideas: Detach Bath Salts & Detach Aura Spray, Uplifting Aura Spray & Uplifting Perfume Oil, Balancing Aura Spray & Balancing Perfume Oil.


Wind Down Product Line, Grounding Product Line, Emotional Clearing Product Line

All three of the above product lines are awesome for stress! Go with Wind Down for de-stressing after work, relaxation, or for having trouble sleeping. Try Grounding for irritability, frustration, anger and spaciness. Emotional Clearing is great for recovering from toxic environments, releasing negative emotions energetically, or old stuck emotions.

Gift Ideas: Emotional Clearing Bath Salts & Aura Spray, Wind Down Bath Salts & Bubble Bath, Wind Down Aura Spray & Wind Down Perfume Oil, Wind Down Bath Salts & Wind Down Aura Spray, Grounding Aura Spray & Perfume Oil

Toxic Workplace or Holiday Get-togethers

Protection Product Line, Emotional Clearing Product Line, Detach Product Line, Smudge Product Line

The Protection Product line was made for this! If you or your gift-recipient is empathic or energy sensitive, then the Protection Aura Spray is a lifesaver and must have! Emotional Clearing is good for releasing toxic energy, Protection stops you from absorbing it. Detach helps remove stubborn attachments to toxic family members and past lovers. Smudge helps clear toxic energy out of inside spaces: great for after holiday gatherings in the home or to clear an office space.

Gift Ideas: Protection Aura Spray & Protection Perfume Oil, Emotional Clearing Bath Salts & Protection Aura Spray, Detach Bath Salts & Protection Aura Spray, Emotional Clearing Aura Spray & Emotional Clearing Perfume Oil

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