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What is Spiritual Cleansing?

What is spiritual cleansing and why do we need it? Just like the body, the human energy field needs a “tune up” once and a while, and that starts with removing any energies that don’t belong there. For the sake of this post, let’s refer to the very complex human energy field as the “Aura.” The Aura is a field that projects about 2-3 feet (or more if you are particularly spiritually powerful) and its a reflection of the energy you were born with (think original factory settings) and it reflects your most recent thoughts and your current emotional state.

How Does the Aura Become Dirty?

Unfortunately, your aura can also reflect other people’s thoughts and energies as well. So, a dirty Aura contains your negative thoughts, your negative emotions, and other people’s negative thoughts and emotions that has breached your energetic barriers and decided to stay with you. Also, we can all absorb some general “yuckiness” hanging around in the non-physical dimensions that humans also exist in from an energetic standpoint. Since the mind is an energy field that the brain interprets, when you have other people’s thoughts and emotional debris in your aura, it can have an effect on your emotional state as well. Not good…sometimes when you’re in a bad mood, it’s not even your emotions you’re feeling! So, what to do?

Clean it Up!

There are many ways to cleanse your Aura:

  • Take a salt bath: water + salt has strong purifying effect
  • Have a releasing ceremony: meditation + visualization + spoken word with intent to release unwanted energy
  • Invoke a deity, angel or ancestor to help you through prayer or meditation
  • Instantly increase your vibration by introducing a high vibration substance like essential oils or Reiki healing energy to your energy field.

Cleansing the Fast Way

Let’s face it…we’re busy. We don’t always have time to take a bath or enter into a cleansing ritual. This is where introducing a high vibration substance or energy into your aura can help. Emotions are energy in motion. Emotions are like ether–unseen and very fine in substance. However, emotions like anger, frustration, sorrow, and fear are unstructured, slower and “heavier” in nature than the structured, higher quality energies of healing Reiki energy and essential oils–especially the particularly powerful ones like Rose, Frankincense, Blue Chamomile, and Angelica. When you anoint your body with essential oils or apply healing energies to your body/aura, heavier energies are either repelled or transmuted (changed) leaving you closer to your original factory settings or “cleansed.”

How Wild Purple Energy Can Help

Our products contain high vibration essential oils, blessed with intentional prayer and Reiki and/or Angelic energies, making a powerful and fast spiritual cleanser! We have three product lines that can help with spiritual cleansing: Emotional Clearing, Smudge, and Detach products are all strong purifiers that cleanse the aura. Click on the links below to explore specific information about each product line, or click on the highlighted names of the product lines above to do some shopping. Happy spiritual cleansing!

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