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Relaxation Party!

Have a great time with your friends while learning the fundamentals of stress relief, self-care and relaxation! Virtual session will include a brief wellness presentation and Q & A session followed by a group foot soak, guided meditation, aromatherapy product sampler, and group energy healing session. Wellness kits are mailed out prior to the events to guests can experience the scents of Wild Purple Energy aromatherapy products and enjoy a sample of our bath salts. Hosts get $25 worth of free products or $50 off a personal consultation of his/her choice. Go to consultations page to view options. To book a party, please email us at [email protected]. Cost of the event is FREE! To purchase the Relaxation Kits, click here. Please purchase kits after booking the event.

Presentations for Organizations:

I am available to give presentations on health & wellness, personal energy management, or any custom subject that is within my realm of expertise. I have presented at multiple organizations, helping employees learn practical wellness concepts and useful practices that promote a sense of well-being, including learning how to manage their personal energy. Employees learn easy ways to manage their stress levels and stay well despite all of the chaos happening in the office and in our world. During the pandemic, speaking engagements are limited to small groups (local-Twin Cities Metro Area), or video-conference (Zoom). Fees are negotiable. For questions or to book an engagement, please email me at [email protected] Wellness kits available here.

Staying Well in a Chaotic World:

A presentation designed for small or large adult groups that is focused on general wellness concepts and practices as well as an introduction to personal energy management. Stress relief activities (meditation, aromatherapy, etc.) are discussed, including a guided group meditation activity. A special focus is given to managing physical and emotional health during difficult times, including an examination of our relationships with mass media. A non-denominational spiritual perspective on the purpose of light and dark times to help gain understanding of the current world crises in included (can be removed upon request), with ways to use this dark time to plant seeds for a better personal and global future. Order Wellness Kits here.

Managing Stress in a Chaotic World:

Similar in content to “Staying Well in a Chaotic World” but with more stress-relief techniques and activities. There is more focus on mental health resources and how dietary changes, meditation techniques, aromatherapy, flower essences, and herbs can help with gentle mood management (optional aromatherapy sample packs are available for mailing prior to event).

Wellness for Teens and Tweens:

An active presentation for teens and young adults. It includes general wellness concepts including healthy eating and relationships, exercise and safe social media use. Personal energy management is discussed, including how to recharge our personal wellness batteries, protect personal energy fields and tips for dealing with toxic people and difficult family members while in quarantine. Students get to stretch, dance, and learn how to access fun ways to exercise. Students will participate in several stress release activities: guided mediation, how to use aromatherapy (Wellness kits with aromatherapy sample packs are available for mailing prior to event) and taking a salt foot bath together as a group. Check out the testimonies from a presentation done for Upward Bound Program teens in Dakota County Minnesota!

  • “The presentation was amazing and helped me to understand how the things around us affect the body/mind.” –Aalunya, Upward Bound Class of 2022
  • “I really enjoyed the presentation and the dancing!” –La’Niya, Upward Bound, class of 2021
  • “It was very calming and helped me feel more energized.” –Adam, Upward Bound, Class of 2021
  • “The presentation was very nice and calming especially with everything going on. Thank you.” –Renee, Upward Bound, Class of 2021
  • “I tapped into 100% of my brain!”–Erik, Upward Bound, Class of 2023

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