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What is Divine Health?

Often on my site and social media you will hear me refer to the term “Divine Health.” So I thought I would explain what I mean. It is my belief that the human body was not designed for disease, sickness, or mental turmoil. I do not believe that the first humans had these experiences with the same frequency as modern humanity. Diseases or sicknesses would have happened solely as a manifestation of an experience that soul decided to have, or it would be the soul’s way of choosing their method of transition off of the Earth plane (death); mental strife would happen as a response to difficulties, but would usually be a temporary situation and not something that the human would have to manage long term.

Spiritual Health + Mental Health + Physical Health=Divine Health

Spiritual Health refers to how well you understand yourself as a spiritual/energetic being that has a connection to the Divine. Understanding this connection opens the door for understanding yourself, the Universe, and life itself. Its gives you a sense of purpose, and a sense of the meaning of life with all of its ups and downs and complexities. This is important because it is the foundation upon which your mental health stands. Spiritual health allows you to be able to understand, and to know (wisdom). Humanity is faced with things like violence, war, famine, greed, poverty, sickness, etc…How could anyone possibly navigate the Earth plane without severe mental strife if you have no way to make sense of why these things happen and what you should or not do about them? How could you live your life well if you have no sense of purpose? How could you watch the news without tearing your hair out? It would be difficult. This is not about religion or God, although it could be: religion is one culture’s agreed-upon understanding of how humans are connected to the Divine. So, it doesn’t matter what religion you could be a part of, or if you are just spiritual and not religious. Spirituality is a means of helping you adapt to the Earth plane so that you can live well, no matter what is going on around you.

Mental Health refers to whether you are in control of your thought life or not, and whether you can manage your emotions successfully. Many people are ruled by their emotions. Their feelings can make or break their day, be the reason why they cannot stay employed, why they cannot keep a relationship together, or why they might turn to drugs when they get overwhelmed. Unfortunately, in this modern life, it is very common to experience periods of depression and anxiety. Actually, I would argue that it’s very difficult not to experience bouts of duress due to our unhealthy lifestyles and external stressors that we all deal with living in the western industrialized world. That being said, a person with solid a mental health foundation can function relatively well in spite of it, if they learn how to use the tools that are available. Please do not follow some of the popular language and agendas out there and accept mental illness as normal. It’s not normal; its common. Can you feel the difference? Make an appointment with a therapist, pastor, shaman or other healer to hep you start living the life you were meant to live.

Physical Health refers to a body that has the ability to adapt to challenges. It doesn’t mean that you never get sick; that is unrealistic. It means that when the body is introduced to pathogens, the immune system can handle it. It means when you eat something “bad” the body can deal with it. When you have a period of mental duress, the body can keep itself running well without developing a physical malady as a result, etc. “Health is the New Wealth” is a term that is popping up all over the place, and there is some truth to it. It’s difficult (but not impossible) to get the most out of life when your physical vehicle is struggling or obstructing you from doing the things you want to do. Many of us have physical difficulties, but there are so many things we can do to avoid illness, or at least improve a condition we may already have. There is always something we can do to get better. Always! And we deserve to feel the best that we possibly can.

Wild Purple Energy Can Help

If you need assistance with your spiritual, mental or physical health, check out the Consultations page to see if Wild Purple Energy can assist you! Also, check out my post Alternative Medicine: You Have Options! for more information on alternative systems of healing and practitioners that could help. Stay well!

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