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What is a Bach Flower Essence Consultation?

Emotions are energy, so using an energy-based healing modality is the best way to get them under control. Flower Essences are considered “frequency” or “vibrational” healing modalities, which makes them effective tools for emotional and behavioral management. Flower Essences are uniquely able to gently and safely tame rampant emotions, strengthen a weak personality, relieve stress, release emotional trauma, dissolve emotional patterns and break destructive habits on very deep levels, including patterns that are subconscious in nature. Since stuck emotional energy is one of the major causes of physical dis-ease, Bach Flower Essences can also be helpful in addressing physical symptoms as well.

There are 38 Bach Flower Remedies, and hundreds of Flower Essences in general. Bach Flower Essences cost $16-$19 per bottle, so creating your own blend can be very expensive, and also less effective if you really don’t know which ones you need.

At a Flower Remedy Consultation, I will use training, intuition, and dowsing (pendulum and/or applied kinesiology/muscle testing) to get the right combinations for you. Most practitioners use 3-7 remedies per blend, so having a practitioner create a blend for you is actually much more economical, and more likely to be effective; a lot of people are not aware of what their negative patterns and personality traits are, and often choose the wrong remedies. This is why letting a practitioner help is such a great idea!

To book a Bach Flower Remedy Consultation session, please go to the Consultations page.

NOTE: Flower Remedies are not medicine. Wild Purple Energy does not give medical advice: we do not prescribe, treat, or cure disease.

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