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What is an Energy Health & Wellness Consultation?

Energy Health & Wellness sessions contain an emotional, spiritual and physical health “discovery” process using various methods of biofeedback to find out if there is an emotional or spiritual root cause of any ailments you may be experiencing. We will perform an energy balance (a more targeted form of energy healing) to address these root causes or any other health goals you bring to the session.

We will also evaluate the quality of energy flow throughout the biofield, and address any blockages or energetic intrusions that could be causing problems. At the end of the session, a customized support plan will be created that could include: Wild Purple Energy brand products, Bach Flower Essences, FES brand flower essences, homeopathic blends, supplements, lifestyle changes, mindful movement protocols to increase energy flow, meditation regimens, generational clearing, prayers/affirmations, and/or spiritual cleansing. A support plan could also include a referral to a conventional or alternative healthcare provider. NOTE: Wild Purple Energy does not give medical advice. We do not diagnose, treat or cure disease.

Reasons to Book an Energy Health & Wellness Session:

How to Book a Session:

Go to the Consultations page to book a session! Email us at [email protected] for questions.

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