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Protection Product Line

As an empath, if I hadn’t developed this product, I would not be able to attend any concert, go to a bar (which is pretty infrequent these days), movie theater, or mall ever again. I simply could not handle it. The Protection Product line has changed my life, and also many other of my empathic clients’ lives as well. It is a very powerful and effective blend, and it smells great. The Protection Essential Oil Blend is a floral-forward scent with strong Rose-Geranium notes; it also has wood elements, spruce, and a hint of licorice.

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Detach Product Line

Detach Product Line

The Detach product line was created to help people remove spiritual attachments. It is truly amazing that so many physical and mental afflictions can be caused by intrusive energy. Year after year, people take themselves to healers and doctors for assistance when unbeknownst to them and the medical professionals, their energy fields (aura) have been invaded by something external from themselves and needs to be removed.

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Emotional Clearing Product Line

This is the most versatile line in the Wild Purple Energy collection. Emotional Clearing essential oil blend is an emotional detoxifier; it is designed to purge low vibration emotions from the physical and energy bodies. Anger, fear, sadness, and emotionally charged thoughts will be removed so your energy field can be clean and pure.

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Grounding Product Line

The Grounding Essential Oil blend is designed to help keep your spirit anchored to your physical body. This is an issue for most humans and not just the energy workers who get spacey from swimming in the ethers while they work. I have spoken with energy workers who take aura photos, and they tell me that are no humans that are 100% grounded into their body. My aura photo suggested that I was only 75% in my body, but that was one of the highest levels that the photographer had seen in his work. That’s not okay, people—we have to do better than that!

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Balancing Product Line

This product line was designed to support emotional well-being. Whether an individual is struggling with fast-moving emotional states like anxiety, or slow-moving emotional states like depression, the essential oils in the Balancing blend can provide some stability by bringing the mind and emotional body back to into a state of balance.

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