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Uplifting Product Line

The Uplifting product line is one of my favorites! The scent is citrus-forward with grassy notes and a kick of pepper. Think oranges, fresh-mowed grass and a few drops of your grandpa’s Old Spice cologne. This scent is unisex—perfect for both men and women!

The Uplifting product line focuses on assisting the client’s efforts to relieve sadness, depression, and low-energy. Uplifting Essential Oil Blend contains Petitgrain, which has shown to help provide mental clarity, and Bergamot is brightening and uplifting to the mood. The Black Pepper gives the nervous system a small kick that helps increase physical energy. For the Uplifting products that contain water, the Citrine Crystal Essence also helps elevate the mood. When I hold a jar of freshly made Citrine Essence, I always giggle (sometimes uncontrollably). The combination of Citrine and Sunlight has an astonishing energizing and enlightening effect. There are other essences in the blend, but I can’t give away all of my secrets can I? The Reiki energy creates an alchemical reaction that I can’t completely explain, but it brings all of the elements together nicely and creates a final product that always helps me to feel good when I am wearing it. I tend to wear this blend when my energy is low and I don’t have time to run energy on myself or sit in the sun. I also wear it when I know I’m going to have a very busy day, or have activities that I am not looking forward to doing.

Aromatherapy, and Reiki can all assist you on your journey to recovery—since everything is energy, and that includes emotions and thoughts, essential oils, crystals, and Reiki’s ability to transmute (change form) low vibration energy into high vibration energy are viable and effective ways to help manage emotional afflictions.* However, no matter how much negative energy and emotions you dissolve with a Reiki session, or pick-me ups you can get from aromatherapy—negative emotions, false beliefs, and destructive thought patterns still need to be addressed, and that is best done with a psychologist, therapist, or skilled life coach.

The Uplifting product line is associated with the color orange, and the sacral chakra. Apply the product to both the sacral and solar plexus chakras (lower abdomen and stomach, respectively).

Uplifting Product Line

Essential Oil Blend: Dilute with carrier oil or lotion before applying to skin. To enliven and strengthen the aura, apply to hands, and move throughout the aura while inhaling the invigorating, scent. For emotional support, apply to sacral and solar plexus chakras and the bottoms of the feet. Uplifting blend is a fabulous scent for burning or diffusing:  It will create a bright and cheery atmosphere in your space!

Aura Spray: This is the most powerful product in the Uplifting product line, because it contains the powers of the essential oils and crystal essence, and water holds the Reiki energy better than oils do.  Take care to spray the upper and lower abdomen (solar plexus and sacral chakras).

Perfume Oil: Best way to take advantage of the mood lifting aroma therapeutic effects of the oils throughout the day. Apply to abdomen and bottoms of feet for the best effects.

Interested in trying out the Uplifting Product Line? Click here.

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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