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Grounding Product Line

The Grounding Essential Oil blend is designed to help keep your spirit anchored to your physical body. This is an issue for most humans and not just the energy workers who get spacey from swimming in the ethers while they work. I have spoken with energy workers who take aura photos, and they tell me that are no humans that are 100% grounded into their body. My aura photo suggested that I was only 75% in my body, but that was one of the highest levels that the photographer had seen in his work. That’s not okay, people—we have to do better than that!

Being out of your body makes it hard to focus your senses on what you are doing. Your mind, body, and spirit need to be in the same place—that’s what being “present” is all about and why meditation is such an important element to our spiritual practice regimen. Not being present weakens the aura and makes you more susceptible to negative energy and spiritual attack—this is why so many negative energies attach themselves to people while they are watching TV—watching a screen for a long time causes us to disengage with our own reality; we become disconnected from the present moment which takes us out of our body and decreases our spiritual defenses. No worries—the Grounding product line can keep you protected while you channel surf!

The oils in the Grounding blend were chosen for their abilities to anchor the energy body and center the mind. Cedarwood, Patchouli and Vetiver Essential oils are strong with grounding Earth energy; orange and lemon essential oils are bright and help with focus. This is also a wonderful aromatherapy blend—I find it to be very calming. When I worked in a stressful office job, I sprayed Grounding Aura Spray onto myself when an angry client left my office and I was feeling anxious—it calmed me down almost immediately. This formula works great if you are feeling afraid, nervous and in need of courage.

Anytime you are grounded into your body and connected to Mother Earth, your aura becomes stronger—so the Grounding blend has some protective qualities as well. Also works well if you are feeling scattered and having a hard time paying attention.

This scent is more masculine due to all of the earthy wood oils. Men will love it and women will enjoy it as well. When I wear this oil, people always ask me what perfume I am wearing! Grounding oil is great to wear as a protective blend while watching TV, and before bedtime if you want to avoid astral travel, lucid dreaming, or to interrupt a string of nightmares.

This product is associated with the root chakra, and the chakras on the bottoms of the feet: be sure to apply Grounding products to those areas, as well as the hips and legs.

Grounding Product Line

Essential Oil Blend: Dilute with carrier oil or lotion before applying to skin. To ground and strengthen the aura, apply to hands, and move throughout the aura while inhaling the relaxing, scent. For grounding, apply to root chakra (lower back), hips, legs, and the bottoms of the feet. Grounding blend is a fabulous scent for burning or diffusing. It will create a relaxing, homey, atmosphere. Burn while enjoying a roaring fire in your living area!

Aura Spray: This is the most powerful product in the Grounding Product line, because it contains the powers of the essential oils and crystal essence, and water holds the Reiki energy better than oils do.  Take care to spray the lower extremities and lower back (root chakra).

Perfume Oil: Best way to take advantage of the relaxing aroma-therapeutic effects of the oils throughout the day. Apply to lower back and bottoms of feet for the best grounding effects. Unisex fragrance.

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