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Balancing Product Line

This product line was designed to support emotional well-being. Whether an individual is struggling with fast-moving emotional states like anxiety, or slow-moving emotional states like depression, the essential oils in the Balancing blend can provide some stability by bringing the mind and emotional body back to into a state of balance.

Essential oils alone are not cures for mental illness; even Wild Purple Energy products that are enhanced with Reiki energy and crystal essences cannot be considered as cures for mental illness; however, they can help provide some relief from the symptoms. When a human is experiencing emotional imbalances, their vibration goes down, and the aura becomes smaller, dim, and fragmented. Negative energy is attracted to this and prey on these individuals making their symptoms worse—this is where Wild Purple Energy products can be a great help.

Geranium is the best essential oil for balancing energy and emotions—together with Lavender oil, they can help establish a level of equilibrium energetically and emotionally. The Rosemary and Angelica oil are protective and keep negative energy away. Bergamot is traditionally used to support those struggling from low mood. The Cedarwood and Angelica are also very grounding—people who struggle with anxiety, nervousness, and paying attention are often “out of their bodies,” meaning that their consciousness is not fully anchored in their physical body and/ or the third dimension—this makes them vulnerable to negative energy.

If you are unsure which Wild Purple Energy product to try, or feel like you need support in multiple areas and don’t want to buy too many different products, try the Balancing product line. The most powerful product for transmuting energy is the Aura Spray, since it contains crystal essence and water holds Reiki energy very well.

Balancing Blend Product Line

Essential Oil Blend: Dilute with carrier oil before wearing. Apply to hands and move throughout the aura, and inhale the aroma. Place on the solar plexus chakra to help balance emotions. Balancing blend works well when placed on the heart and sacral (lower abdomen) chakras as well. Diffuse to create a pleasant, sweet-smelling atmosphere.

Aura Spray: This product will concentrate on balancing the energy in the spiritual body (aura). It will have a positive effect on the emotional and mental bodies, affecting emotions and thought patterns. Use 3-5x daily until symptoms improve.

Perfume Oil: Pre-diluted essential oil blend that is packaged in an easy to carry roller-ball bottle. Apply to pulse points as you would a perfume. Apply directly to the solar plexus (stomach) chakras.

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