Welcome to Wild Purple Energy!

Our Mission:

To educate people about the spiritual nature of the human being, and how the state of a human’s biofield (bio-electric/bio-magnetic) affects mental and physical health. Everything really is energy–including YOU! It is imperative that we understand this if we want to experience Divine health.

Bio-energetic Care Product Line

Custom blended, hand-crafted, aroma-therapeutic body care line that will help you relax and purify your energy field. All products are made with therapeutic-grade essential oils, specifically blended to address a specific emotional or spiritual concern. All products are blessed with intention and Reiki energy to increase the potency. Click here to shop!

Energy Health & Wellness Consultations

If you are struggling with mental or physical health concerns, book a wellness session with me and we will find the root cause of your ailment and address it with energy healing and other natural supports. We also provide spiritual guidance and help with life and spiritual issues. Click here to book a consultation session.

Education & Community

Check out our spiritual health and wellness blog. We’re also on Instagram and YouTube! Visit our speaking engagements page if you’d like to book a relaxation party for family & friends, or hold a health & wellness education event for your organization.

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