About Anika

Wild Purple Energy is my brainchild and my greatest joy. I am a spiritual counselor, Holistic Intuitive Practitioner, inter-dimensional energy healer, and wellness educator who is committed to helping people experience Divine health! Humans are much more than our physical bodies. We have an bio-energetic field which affects our emotional, mental and physical health. We have to take as much care of our energy body as our physical body if we want to enjoy Divine health and emotional balance. So many people suffer needlessly, due to our ignorance of our spiritual nature and knowledge of how to take care of ourselves in a holistic way. A spiritual hygiene regimen is necessary to maintain our emotional health, get control of our thought life and live life to our fullest potential.

Wild Purple Energy offers spiritual solutions to multiple emotional problems through education via our blog, consultation services, and products. If you are having a spiritual crisis, have questions about the world we live in from a spiritual perspective, or need assistance with life issues you are facing, book a session with me! I am happy to help.

Body care products are a simple, effective part of a spiritual hygiene regimen. Wild Purple Energy’s all-natural, non-synthetic body care products use essential oils, crystal essences, and Reiki energy to help cleanse, purify, and raise the vibration of the human energy field. Aromatherapy can cause positive changes on the mood, helping clients to feel relaxed, calm and stress-free!

I hope you will enjoy what Wild Purple Energy has to offer. It is always our intention to keep high vibration information on our site; if you choose to comment on blog posts or products please keep it positive. Join our mailing lists for updates on new blog posts, products and sales. In the meantime, remember that you deserve to feel good! Keep it wild, keep it purple. Peace and blessings.