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The Meaning of Life

Have you ever wondered why we are here and what is the meaning of life on Earth? Why were human beings created and what exactly are we supposed to be doing with our lives? Most of us will ask these existential questions at one point, and it’s a good thing that we do. Not knowing the purpose of life and/or their own individual’s life purpose is a source of mental anguish for many people.

Most people feel better about completing tasks if they understand the purpose of the task, and that can include the purpose of life itself. Don’t you remember being in school, getting an assignment from the teacher and wondering, “Why are we doing this crap?” Not knowing affected your enthusiasm for completing the assignment. It’s difficult to devote time and energy to something without understanding its importance or relevance—this is why so many people are disillusioned with life, feeling stagnated, and depressed. People are going through the motions of daily life and not knowing why they are doing any of it. Life is just a set of “routines without reasons.” If you don’t know why you are alive and what your purpose is, it’s kind of hard to make decisions about how to live life. If you can’t make decisions you get stuck and well, feeling stuck sucks.

How Did We Get Here?

First, human beings are spiritual beings that are having a human experience. You must understand this. Your spiritual self is your real self, and you existed for possibly millions of years before you ever decided to take on a physical body. All forms of life come from the same Source (God) Energy. God, in wanting to experience itself, splintered itself into smaller, individual units similar to the way two humans reproduce and bring a child into the world. Your child is an extension of yourself and having them gives you an opportunity to experience more of life through them. That is exactly what God did. So we were created and lived in the higher dimensions, happy and free, bathed in Light and Love. So why did we bother to come to Earth?

Why Are We Here?

Light and Love is great, but it’s difficult to learn and grow when everything is hunky-dory all the time. The drive to create new things is usually motivated by a lack of something desired, or something negative that is not desired. How would someone gain the incentive to create something new when everything asked for is already given? Can you see how having everything you ever wanted can be a limitation? That is why some billionaires like Warren Buffet don’t leave large sums of money to their children in their wills–they know their children will not develop themselves if they have nothing to strive for. When we are on the other side, life can be very paradise-like, in that there is no lack of resources or shortage of love. However, living in paradise doesn’t mean you can do anything and everything. Although we were born into Love and Light, there are still levels of consciousness that need to be earned to be able to do certain things. Let me give you a simple example:

Let’s say you were a young little being of Light, and you wanted to be able to create your own worlds, like your favorite big brother Charlie. Well, you don’t have the knowledge, power, or authority to do that, little one. You’ve been languishing in the heavenly gardens playing kickball with the Angels and napping under the sun, and now you think you can just whip up a planet just like that? Come on, now! You have to have a lot of knowledge and power to create worlds, and you have to demonstrate that you have the integrity to be responsible in creating them. You have to expand your level of consciousness to have a world-building experience. You have to “go to school,” so to speak, and the incarnation cycle such as what we have on Earth is a type of school.

So, the Meaning of Life is…?

We are here to increase our level of consciousness through experiences that help us to grow. We are here to grow. That’s it. It’s really quite uncomplicated. We incarnated on Earth to have a particular set of experiences so that we could grow and become more, so we could do more. Earth really is a school, a very unique school in this galaxy. For more information on this subject see the following posts:

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