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Consciousness: What is it?

“Consciousness” can be defined by the state of being awake or the extent that a being is aware of itself and its surroundings. “Conscious” is a medical, philosophical and spiritual term; we know that if someone is sleeping, in a coma, or “knocked out” that they are un-conscious. When the term consciousness is used in a philosophical or spiritual conversation, it means much more: one can be awake and aware, as in not-sleeping or knocked out, but be extremely unaware of the truth of the state of their own being and the truth about the state of the world they live in. Unfortunately, this is the case for most human beings.

Many of Earth’s human inhabitants are very low in consciousness. Earth truly is the land of confusion, and this is one of the reasons why Earth is experiencing so much tumult these days. We don’t really understand what we are as a species, what the Earth is, or how our Universe operates. So, how do we increase our level of consciousness? By doing like the ancient Egyptians did: we focus on our hearts.

Ancient Egypt’s Book of the Dead shows illustrations of Anubis, the God of the Underworld weighing the deceased’s heart just after death. The heart’s “weight” was compared to the weight of the feather of the Goddess of Justice (Ma’at). The weight determined which world the spirit would spend their afterlife in. I am not certain if the Egyptians really weighed the physical heart after death as a ceremony or not—whether they did or didn’t, the ceremony and the illustration that represents it is a metaphor for the measurement of a spirit’s “Heart Ratio” upon crossing over to the other side. The heart ratio is a spiritual term that explains the soul’s overall vibrational quality, determined by the quantity of love, wisdom, and power that is present in the spiritual heart, otherwise known as the “seat” or “center” of the soul. Ma’at’s feather was light in “weight”, so the heart needed to be light as well—I believe that to be a metaphor for high in vibration, as in spiritual terms, low vibration energy is dense, and heavier than high vibrations which are not.

Every being whether incarnated in a physical body or in spirit has a heart ratio and it really does determine where your soul can go after you make your transition. But it also affects the quality of life of the individual and all humans while they are still on Earth. Since we are all connected, we have a collective consciousness. If just one person increases their consciousness, it raises the consciousness of the entire collective. In this way one person can be very powerful.

“No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.”

-Albert Einstein

Our species and planet is in crisis. If this surprises you then I must ask you what rock you have been sleeping under for the past 10 years? Wake up girl/boyfriend! Many of us know what is wrong with the world but have absolutely no idea how to fix it. We protest, we boycott, we pray, we elect new politicians but it never seems to bring about any significant change. That’s because of what Einstein said. We can’t eradicate illness, poverty, and war because the solutions to our problems are inaccessible to us at our current state of consciousness. We must grow in love, wisdom and power as a collective. Let’s explore these three aspects further:


Love is the highest frequency in the Universe. We all come from Source Energy (God) and God is love. The goal is to re-emerge with Source once our incarnation cycle is over—therefore we must reach a state of perfection to do so. This is not possible without love. We have to learn how to embody and carry the frequency of love in our hearts. So, love is our test.

In some spiritual circles, Jesus is known as the Master of Love. Jesus told us to “love your neighbor as you love yourself,” and to have love for our enemies. In doing this, we would be like our father in Heaven (taken from Matthew 5:43-46). He also told the parable of the Good Samaritan who stopped to help a struggling Jewish man in the road despite the Jews and the Samaritans being sworn enemies. Obviously our world leaders don’t understand this. Corporate America doe not understand this. What about most of the people you know? What about you?

Social problems cannot be solved without the presence of love, because the solutions will always favor the interests of those who come up with the solutions and have the power to execute them. People make decisions that will negatively affect the emotional, spiritual, physical and financial health of other people all the time and they don’t think anything of it. If they truly had love in their hearts, this wouldn’t happen. You may be thinking that these greedy power-hungry people will never grow in love, and you might be right. But you can, and when you do, you will raise the quotient of love present in the collective and it is impossible for this not to affect other humans and that includes world leaders.


Wisdom is the ability to reach a state of truthful understanding about a multitude of topics, based on the absorption and eventual integration of information and personal experience. Many people confuse intelligence with wisdom. Obviously they are related, but one can be very intelligent but not very wise. Academia is filled with these individuals.

Most humans (I am speaking primarily of Americans or people in the Western world) do not put much effort into seeking information after they finish school. Most people prefer to be entertained than to engage in learning or trying to solve their problems.  It is your responsibility to seek out new information and experiences to promote your growth and development. Don’t get caught in the corporate entertainment trap: video games, sports, and TMZ can’t be your whole life. They can be, but your growth opportunities will be minimal and you will have less to offer your community.

Notice also that I said a person much reach a truthful understanding of a multitude of topics to be wise. If you have understanding about something but it is based on false information, then how much do you really understand? How can you ever know if something is true if you did not witness it yourself? You have to rely on information that was collected and reported by someone else. So how do you know what you learned in school is true? What about what is reported on the news? What about the things that I am telling you? Can you trust me?

To truly have wisdom you have to stop taking other people’s version of events without questioning them. You need to gather information for yourself, orchestrate real-life experiences, and then decide what you believe without the influence of others dominating your opinions. Choose your teachers wisely: put them though a strict vetting process and only allow those few people to influence you for a while. Better yet, ask spirit to send you a worthy, truthful teacher. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.


Over time, humans have become accustomed to the idea that we are not very powerful. Most of us don’t think we matter to the Universe, have the power to create change in our own lives or in the world we live in. This is false.

These false beliefs are primarily due to the desires of those in power to remain in power. In school, we are taught to be passive. We do what we are told or else face consequences. We are grade-shamed for not performing to certain standards, and have no say over what subjects we want to learn or master. Many religions paint God as a mean authoritative God who will punish us if we do not behave according to his standards. All of my life’s experience suggest that this is not true: I think the powers that be wanted us to believe that so we would “stay in line,” to so speak.

The powerful also have a tendency to pit groups against each other to make us feel weak: white against black, man against woman, young against old, rich against poor, east against west. Through these manufactured conflicts, some humans have taken on victimhood as an identity. They blame all of their problems on other people and swear that their inability to thrive has everything to do with oppressive people and nothing to do with their thoughts and beliefs about their self-worth and personal power. It’s not anyone’s fault for being victimized—that onus lies with the offender, but it is one’s fault if they let those negative experiences color their belief systems over time so that they become self-identified with victimhood and powerlessness.

In order to become a master like Jesus or the Buddha, you have to learn how to wield your personal power. You have to master yourself, have the capability to master others (but not use it), and master the ability to manipulate energy. Then you can ascend off of Earth and not have to incarnate again. Then you can finish your learning in the higher levels and eventually re-merge with Source Energy.

We humans need to get off of our knees and stop being afraid of everything. If you have spent enough time hanging out on this website you are learning that even death is nothing to fear. Our power is in our spiritual power, and we must learn how to tap into it and use it. A great example of this is the Marvel movie Dr. Strange. I encourage you to check it out.

Now you know what is necessary to increase your level of consciousness, and thereby doing your part in raising the consciousness of us all. But how do you actually go about doing this? Check out my next post: How to Raise your Consciousness.

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