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Emotional Clearing Product Line

This is the most versatile line in the Wild Purple Energy collection. Emotional Clearing essential oil blend is an emotional detoxifier; it is designed to purge low vibration emotions from the physical and energy bodies. Anger, fear, sadness, and emotionally charged thoughts will be removed so your energy field can be clean and pure.

The Lemon essential oil is used for its cleansing properties: lemon oil is known for its ability to cut grease and kill bacteria and viruses which is why it is used in so many cleaning products! Often what a substance can do in the physical realm, it can also do in the non-physical realms, “as above, so below,” so to speak.  Lemon oils will “clean” energetic toxins as well; any energy that is low in vibration can be considered an energetic toxin—this includes emotions like fear and anger, but also energetic bodies of physical toxins like pollution, chemicals and of course, dark energy and spirits.

Peppermint oil is a freshener—think about how your mouth feels after brushing with minty toothpaste! It also has high purifying abilities. Just as insects and vermin are attracted to dirt and filth, negative energy is attracted to dirty energy fields. Peppermint establishes a freshness that tells low vibration entities and low vibrations that is doesn’t belong in your space.

Lavender essential oil establishes a high vibration, which will help overpower low vibrations present.  Even the conventional medical community is starting to realize that Lavender oil can help people suffering from depression—it is being used in mental health clinics and hospitals for patients coping with debilitating diseases. Lavender helps you to feel and think more positively, which raises your vibration; therefore, the Emotional Clearing blend also has protective qualities as well.

The German Chamomile essential oil is what roots out the old, latent emotions that have been in your body/energy body for a long time and need to be brought to the surface and released.  

Emotional Clearing Product Line:

Essential Oil Blend: Can raise the vibration of a room when burned or diffused. Dilute with carrier oil and apply to the body, focusing on the heart and stomach chakras, and pulse points to enjoy the relaxing scent. Add a few drops to your bath to add an extra layer of scent.

Aura Spray: This product has extra cleansing abilities due to the addition of crystal essences, salt, and the ability of water to hold the Reiki energy vibrations well. This is a very powerful clearing formula which is also protective as well. Can be worn as a substitute for the Protection blend if this scent is preferred—works well for Empaths.

Bath Salts: Most powerful tool in the Wild Purple Energy product line for purification and emotional healing. If used regularly with an accompanying visualization, old, deep-rooted fears can be cleansed. Very powerful product, and the most recommended product we have. If you cannot afford Reiki services, use this instead. When used regularly, it can have a very powerful effect.

Perfume Oil: Apply to pulse points as you would a perfume. Also apply to heart and solar plexus (stomach) chakras. This will help root out old emotions stored in the chakra, and also clean and reinforce the energy field.

Bubble Bath: A great way to add luxury and extra scent to your salt bath. Made with natural detergents that are gentle on the skin.

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