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How to Raise Your Consciousness

In my previous post on Consciousness I stated that the level of consciousness of a human being is measured by the quantity and quality of love, wisdom and power housed in the seat of the soul, otherwise known as the Heart Ratio. If you have not read this post, you can find it here.  This post discusses actual ways that you can increase your heart ratio by focusing on growing the three components, of which love is the most important.

How to Grow in LOVE

Love is a feeling, an action, and a specific energy with a very, very high frequency. Love energy is white with pinkish hues—it is very strong but has a subtle warming effect on the body. I am trained in The Seven Flames of God energy healing technique, and I am able to channel love frequency. When I am giving a Reiki session, I think about my beloved Cat or my niece and nephews when I first get started. The warm feelings that I get when I picture them gets the energy flowing. If I lose the flow of energy, I envision them again, and it comes back. To me, this confirms that the feeling of love and the frequency of love are connected. So how do you grow in love? You give love.

Start by giving love to the people in your own circle. Do you have a friend or relative that is sick and shut in? Maybe you could visit them, or offer to run errands for them or straighten up their house. Could you do something nice for your co-workers or your boss? Bake muffins and bring them to work. Write your office mates a card showing your appreciation. Here is the biggest and most powerful way to give love: forgiveness. You know there is someone in your past that betrayed your or pissed you off. Maybe it’s time for you to realize that that person could not act beyond the level of their evolution at that time, and staying angry with them is useless and has hurt you more than it hurt them. Unforgiveness is a block for love frequency, and I encourage you to at least start by trying to forgive—it will do wonders for your soul.

If you have emotional blocks that make it difficult for you to give to or receive love from other humans, then start with a pet. Pets are the best and most accessible example of unconditional love we have on Earth. Animals love you no matter what. They don’t care if you’re broke, a “C” student or that you can’t get a date. They don’t give a rip. That’s real love and it feels real good. Furry friends really do open our hearts—give ‘em a try.

You can also see an energy practitioner to release your emotional blocks that stop you from giving and receiving love. In my practice, I have yet to discover a client that didn’t have gunk stored up in the heart chakra: emotional pain, doubt, and fear of the world clog the chakra and weigh down the heart. If you are not keen on the idea of energy healing then try an intuitive coach/counselor or therapist. Traditional therapy works, although I think it’s the long way. Talking through your troubles will help release stored up emotions that block love. Wild Purple Energy offers intuitive counseling services. Check it out here:

To learn about love, study one of the ascended masters who have graced us Earthlings with their presence. Jesus is known as the Master of Love in the Spiritual Circles. I encourage you to read your Bible, or join a Bible study group at your church. I must say, that there is much, much more information available about Master Jesus that is not found in the Bible. These are non-traditional sources of information, so use your own discretion. Click here to see other books that focus on Jesus’ ministry of Love. Master Buddha is also a wonderful teacher of love. There is a truly magnificent (and rather long) miniseries on Siddhartha Gautama’s life and transition to Buddhahood on Netflix. I have watched it twice and will probably watch it again. I binged all 55 episodes in two weeks and its subtitled! It was that dope. Click here to watch.

How to Grow in WISDOM

You have to stop taking everybody else’s word for your own. Most humans don’t think for themselves or really have an original opinion on anything. That’s harsh I know, but think about it…where do you get your political views? How did you choose the party you belong to? What about your religious views? Did you decide them after a period of information gathering and analysis? Did you communicate with your Higher Self to point out which party or religion was best aligned with the truth of God and the spirit world? Or did your parents, race, or socioeconomic status decide for you?

You have got to dedicate some time to information gathering and study. I know that it is hard because we are busy. But this is the trap that the most powerful of us has set for everyone else: to keep people tired and busy so they won’t have time to inquire, study and grow. If we grow, then we begin to figure things out and the powerful won’t be able to hold on to what they have. So we have to prioritize learning. You must have a spiritual routine in place. You must make time to read—and I don’t mean Kim Kardashian’s Instagram posts, either. Read that if you like, but also read something that helps you understand your body, mind, or some important aspect of the world we live in. Otherwise, wisdom will continue to elude you.

Meditation and visualization can increase your level of wisdom. When in meditation, the ego (personality of the lower self) steps aside, and the lower and higher self can merge into one. The higher self channels information to the lower self through an exchange of spiritual Light (the medium by which Divine information flows). Visualizing White or golden light coming down into the crown chakra, through and around the body will fill your lower spiritual bodies with information. Your intuition will grow over time and you will be able to discern truth from untruth.

How to Grow in POWER

The only way to really grow in power is to test yourself through experience. Before doing this, find someone you identify with who has accomplished goals that are similar to your own. Go to their lectures, read their books and watch their YouTube channels. Do this over and over again until you feel compelled to act. When you see that they were able to do something challenging you will understand that you can do it too. They really aren’t more powerful than you—they just had a tool that you didn’t have, but you can also get/learn that same tool and you can reach your goals as well. Then take action without fear of failure—knowing that you’ll probably blow it at first, but eventually you will make it work. Failure is feedback and it’s a gift: figuring out what not to do helps you figure out what does work. Put yourself out there and go for it. Ask spirit to help you: this is important. If you have trouble making a go of things, then it’s time to bring some metaphysical practices to help you manifest. Check out these posts on How to Manifest. Our true power is our spiritual power. Learn about your spiritual power here.

Learn how to manage your fear. FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear isn’t always false—if an angry lion is charging you, you should allow your fear to encourage you to get the hell out of there! But fear is what the most powerful humans, as well as negative spiritual entities use to control the people: fear of losing your job, fear of losing a relationship, fear of death. The only way to conquer fear is faith. You have to know that you are a child of God, and that you have a spiritual team on the other side who are pulling for you, and helping you. You are on Earth to have an experience, and that experience is going to have challenges and it may be scary sometimes. Just embrace it. Learn how to protect yourself, family, home, and money spiritually. Ask for guidance and help. Then, have faith in your protections—nothing will happen to you unless is it Karmic or in your Divine Plan—which means it could not have been avoided anyway. So, there is no reason to live your life in fear. The most powerful people on Earth are the ones who have mastered fear. Don’t let fear control you—if you do, you will be controlled.

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