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Wind Down Product Line

You can’t have an aromatherapy product line without having one designated for stress relief and relaxation! While many of the Wild Purple Energy products have a relaxing effect, this formula has the strongest ability to calm the nerves.

The essential oils in the Wind Down product line were chosen for their ability to calm the mind and relieve nervous tension. Lavender oil is calming, Peppermint oil centers a wandering, worrying mind, Marjoram helps cope with grief, and Clary Sage helps keep the nerves in check. The scent is light and equally balanced between floral and herbal notes. Wind Down products can be enjoyed by men women, and children over seven years old (cut the recommended use amount in half). Do not use while pregnant, as Clary Sage can have effects on hormone levels—expecting mothers can use the Emotional Clearing blend with doctor’s approval.

This product will not cause sleep—it is not a drug. However, its ability to help center the mind and calm the body is really helpful for those who struggle to fall asleep. Apply perfume oil or diluted oil blend to the bottoms of feet to boost the relaxing effect, or spray the body and pillowcase with the Wind Down Aura Spray. Try it if you have difficulty sleeping or are prone to nightmares. If it does not help, seek assistance from a medical professional or certified natural healer, as frequent insomnia is a medical condition and can be serious if left untreated.

This formula is also helpful in managing stress. Apply perfume oil to neck and wrists if you know you’re going to have a challenging day at work, or apply after a stressful event. Spray the Aura Spray in your car or office to help you deal with a difficult situation. For stress management, I recommend taking a bath with Wind Down Bath Salts with either the Wind Down Bubble Bath or the Bath & Body or Essential Oils drizzled on top of the bathwater to get the full aroma- therapeutic effect. The Bath Salts alone do not have enough fragrance to get the full aromatherapy benefits—this is due to skin-safety issues when bathing in natural essential oils instead of fake chemical fragrance oils which can sometimes be more skin-friendly, but are very toxic. Try adding the essential oil blend to body lotion or carrier oil for a foot and neck massage before bed.

Wind Down Product Line

Essential Oil Blend: Dilute with carrier oil or lotion before wearing. Apply to pulse points, bottoms of feet and solar plexus chakra (stomach). Make sure to inhale the scent to get the full calming effects. Burn or diffuse to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

Aura Spray: Great to use on-the-go for stress relief. Spray onto pillow and sheets at night to help encourage sleep.

Perfume Oil: Apply to pulse points, bottoms of feet and solar plexus chakra (stomach). Smell throughout the day to keep calm and relaxed.

Bubble Bath: A great way to add luxury and extra scent to your salt bath. Made with natural detergents that are gentle on the skin.

Shower Bombs: Great way to wind down after a long day! Place in shower to create an amazing and relaxing bathing experience. Scent will linger in bathroom for about one hour.

Ready to relax? Check out the Wind Down Product Line here.

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