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Detach Product Line

Detach Product Line

The Detach product line was created to help people remove spiritual attachments. It is truly amazing that so many physical and mental afflictions can be caused by intrusive energy. Year after year, people take themselves to healers and doctors for assistance when unbeknownst to them and the medical professionals, their energy fields (aura) have been invaded by something external from themselves and needs to be removed.

A spiritual attachment means that a spirit has integrated itself within a human’s spiritual body. Humans are multidimensional beings—we have a soul or spirit that exists on a higher dimension that is anchored to our third dimensional or physical body.

Just like we can attract other humans who want to use us for our money, sympathy, or what we can do for them, we can attract the spiritual equivalent of entities that want to use us for our spiritual energy. Discarnate human souls, thought-form entities, and even demonic energies can benefit greatly from the human energy field, and they can attach to you to siphon off your precious life force energy for their own sustenance.

The Detach product line can put a stop to this parasitic relationship. The Detach Essential Oil Blend is expertly blended with high vibration oils that repel negative energy.  Rose essential oil is known as the king (or Queen, since it is aligned with feminine energy) of all essential oils, because it has the highest vibration of all oils. Frankincense, and Myrhh have been used in exorcisms for over a thousand years. Juniper and Rosemary oil will transmute (change) dark emotions and thoughts into positive energy. The Cypress and Angelica will ground the energy field. Angelica is a very unique essential oil—its scientific name is Angelica Archangelica—there are different theories that explain how it got it’s name, but I believe that this special oil is somehow connected to the Archangels. It’s is a very strong protective oil.

I created this blend with help from my spirit guides and Archangel Michael. It is a very powerful and effective blend that will move negative energy from your spiritual and physical body. Some attachments have been with a human for so long, that the negative energy has infiltrated their physical body on a cellular level, even going so far as to corrupt the DNA—this isn’t the usual scenario but it can and does happen. Remember “as above, so below,” so what is happening in the spiritual body is always mirrored by the physical body. If negative energy is being removed from your spiritual body, the physical body will also purge, and that means side effects.

The energy has to leave your body somehow, so you may have a skin eruption like a rash, or digestive discomfort like excessive gas, diarrhea, or vomiting. You may feel lightheaded, dizzy, or in a fog for a few days. Emotional side effects are possible as well: You may become very irritable, manic, or even depressed. These side effects are undesirable to be sure. But, like I said, the energy has to leave the body somehow. If you have an adverse side effect that means the product is working! If you have a skin reaction, discontinue use for a few days, or use plain, unscented bath salts if you want to continue the regimen. At any time you can fall back to the Protection or Emotional Clearing product lines. Both work well in displacing and repelling negative energy but are less potent and do not tend to bring about physical side effects.  While they will definitely make you feel better, they may not be enough to get rid of a nasty entity if it really has its hooks in you. Removing this negative energy is not going to be pleasant. You can try to find someone who specializes in the removal of attachments.

If you have had an attachment for many years, the Detach product blend will help, but may not be strong enough for a 100% removal—You will need to find a professional in your area. Some Reiki healers and Shamans can remove spiritual attachments. Some catholic priests offer exorcism services as well.

For usage directions, please read: How To Use the Detach Product Line

Detach Product Line:

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For usage directions, please read: How To Use the Detach Product Line

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