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Protection Product Line

As an empath, if I hadn’t developed this product, I would not be able to attend any concert, go to a bar (which is pretty infrequent these days), movie theater, or mall ever again. I simply could not handle it. The Protection Product line has changed my life, and also many other of my empathic clients’ lives as well. It is a very powerful and effective blend, and it smells great. The Protection Essential Oil Blend is a floral-forward scent with strong Rose-Geranium notes; it also has wood elements, spruce, and a hint of licorice.

The Protection product line is designed to keep negative energy out of your space by creating an energetic barrier. This includes toxic emotional energy, stagnant negative energy, meddlesome spirits, and dark spirits as well. Negative energy does not like this blend at all. Juniper deals with toxic psychic and emotional energy from other humans, and Angelica wards off nasty spirits—The Angelica plant’s scientific name is Angelica Archangelica, and is associated with Archangel Michael. Rose essential oil is the highest in vibration amongst all oils and establishes a high love vibration within the aura, which is repelling to low vibration energy. Geranium helps balance the formula and makes sure everyone does its job, so to speak. Angelica and Cypress oils are grounding and helps fortify the energy field.

I do not use traditional Reiki energy in this product. I work with Angels a lot, and I asked Archangel Michael to help me create this product line, and I ask for his presence when I run energy on Protection products. I believe that the energy is Fourth Ray energy, based on how the energy feels to me. But I cannot be completely certain. All I know is that it is powerful, and I get really hot when I channel it, which is just an indication of high vibrations. What I do know, is that I feel great when I wear it, and you will too! If you feel icky or tired and you are not sure why, try using the Protection Aura Spray and spray into your aura and into the space around you. If there is a negative entity present, it will leave you alone. Burning or diffusing Protection oil will help clear the energy in a space as well.

The Aura Spray is the most-hardworking product in the Protection line, due to the addition of crystal essence and the water’s ability to hold the Fourth Ray Reiki energy as well. Aura spray can be used in small spaces like your car or office.

The Protection product line is associated with the heart chakra. Use the Perfume Oil and Aura Spray on the heart chakra, back of the neck, and middle of the back, as these are the areas where negative energy enter the energy and physical body, or is stolen from the bodies by discarnate spirits. I also like to apply to lower back to help ground the root chakra, and the solar plexus chakra (stomach) to weaken negative emotional attachments.

**This formula is phototoxic due to the Angelica—do not use these products if you are going to be outside in the sun with minimal clothing, going tanning, or getting your gel nails done (UV light on your hands and wrists). Be careful to avoid Direct sunlight and UV rays 12 hours after applying essential oils or perfume oil, 6 hours after applying the Aura Spray to the skin.

Protection Product Line

Essential Oil: Dilute with carrier oil before applying to skin. Apply to hands and move hands throughout the aura to cleanse it. Apply to heart chakra, back of neck, mid-back, stomach and root chakras. Burn or diffuse to clear the energy in a space.

Aura Spray: Spray into the aura and onto the heart chakra and back of the neck at least 2x per day, preferably in the morning and evening when you get home for the evening. Spray throughout the day as needed, no more than 5 times. Stay in place for at least 60 seconds after spraying to allow product to move throughout the aura.

Perfume Oil: Apply to pulse points as you would a perfume. Also apply to heart and solar plexus chakras, back of neck and mid-back. Be careful to avoid Direct sunlight and UV rays for 6-12 hours after applying.

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