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Spiritual Bathing vs. Taking a Bath

Spiritual bathing is a practice going back to ancient times. Bathing was used as a method of healing, purification, manifestation, and divination. When you are bathing with one of these purposes in mind, the methods and products used will be different. Salt Bathing is a method of spiritual bathing, which means it is really a ceremony with a ritual that needs to be followed to guarantee a certain effect. Let me explain the difference between taking a bath and spiritual bathing and how this affects your Wild Purple Energy Product purchases.

Salt Bathing

Salt Bathing is for people who are serious about raising their vibration and/or removing spiritual afflictions. Salt Bathing is energy work and really is ceremonial in nature. You need to open your ceremony by stating your intention before getting into the water and close your ceremony by declaring yourself purified afterwards. The bath temperature should be medium-hot, and soaking time must be 20-30 minutes since you don’t want to sit in the toxins you have just removed. A visualization should follow your bath to add high vibration energy to replace what was removed by the salt water.

Wild Purple Energy Emotional Clearing and Detach Bath Salts are specially formulated to remove negative energy out of the human energy field/spiritual body. Try adding Emotional Clearing Bath & Body Oil and Bubble Bath, which will enhance the bathing experience and provide another layer of aroma to enjoy during the salt bath. Only use Detach product line if you feel you have a spiritual attachment, and read the special disclaimer for use of this product here.

Taking a Bath

Most people take baths as an alternative for taking a shower when they want to relax, soothe sore muscles, or pamper themselves. In this case, no real ceremony is required. You can always state your intention to relax, but it really isn’t needed. There is also no need to say a mantra, rinse off, or follow up with any visualization. Feel free to use very hot water and chill in the tub as long as you want to!

I recommend the Wild Purple Energy Wind Down product line for your bathing experience—this product line includes an Essential Oil Blend, Bath Salts, Bubble Bath, and Bath & Body Oil. The Bath Salts will displace some energy, but they are not formulated to purify like Emotional Clearing and Detach Bath Salt formulas. If you just want to relax, Wind Down is for you. If you really like very hot water and want to soak for a long time, skip the salts and focus on the oils and Bubble Bath for a wonderful aroma therapeutic experience.

If you’re interesting in checking out Wild Purple Energy Bath Salts, you can find them here.

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