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What is a Spiritual Attachment?

A spiritual attachment means that a spirit has integrated itself within a human’s spiritual body. Humans are multidimensional beings—we have a soul or spirit that exists on a higher dimension that is integrated with our third dimensional or physical body. Sometimes when humans make their transition (die), they do not always “cross over” into the higher dimensions where human souls spend the afterlife; they can become stuck for various reasons—sometimes they just can’t accept that they have died.

These spirits may have died a violent death, and they are so confused that their Angels and family members couldn’t get them to follow them and were forced to leave them straggling in Earth’s astral plane. These spirits stay attached to the Earth plane and are very involved in human affairs. They miss certain activities that are no longer available to them now that they no longer have a physical body, like eating food, drinking alcohol, and having sex. So, they invade human bodies to live out their human fantasies as if they were still human.

Sometimes these spirits are those of people we know, or are even related to. Ancestors can sometimes take advantage of their blood-ties to living humans. I know a lot of spiritual people like to work with their ancestors, and that is great. But just because you share DNA with someone doesn’t mean that they are evolved…Not only do you have physical DNA you also have spiritual DNA (as above, so below) and this means that it is much easier for a spirit who is related to you to attach to you. Despite your shared spiritual bloodlines, your family doesn’t have the right to pilfer your life force energy either. If they were evolved beings, they would know this, and respect this. If you think an ancestor is bothering you, you have the right to ask them to leave. I would ask them first, because, well, they are family after all. Send them love and blessings, but don’t allow them to steal from you. Use Wild Purple Energy products to help keep them away.

Then there are the demonic energies—these spirits are not human souls. They are other-dimensional beings that are not friends to the human species. They are not aligned with Source Energy (God), and do not follow or connect with any higher beings of Light. For that reason, they do not have access to Spiritual Light (life force energy that serves as “food” for the soul) that is needed to sustain themselves. So, they have to steal it—Earth has become a field of dreams for such beings—due to our penchant for negativity and our ignorance of our multidimensionality, demonic and negative energies have found all the life force energy they could ever need. Humans don’t protect their energy fields, and don’t have the energy sensitivity or intuition to know that they have been invaded. These beings stay attached for years and years, putting negative ideas into their hosts’ heads, driving them to the emotional brink and siphoning off life force energy until the host’s physical body starts to deteriorate with disease. This is ridiculous and unnecessary as it is not that difficult to keep these beings away.

Human beings cannot allow this to continue to happen. These beings are not entitled to one drop of our life force energy. If they would turn towards the Light and go to God, they would have access to all the Light that they need. If they starve to death, that is their problem.  We don’t owe these beings anything. Now, if you want to pray for them, that’s fine. I do. You can even encourage them to go to the Light (If you are a spiritually-advanced student)—you can ask your angels to help them if you like. But do NOT allow them to invade your space in any way shape or form! Salt baths, protective stones, aura sprays and smudging your home can help keep you protected from these invasive spirits.  Check out our Wild Purple Energy store—you will find multiple products to help keep you spiritually protected! The Detach Product Line is specially formulated to help with this issue. You can find it here.

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