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How to Take a Salt Bath

1.       Use 1-2 cups of salt per bath, or ¼ cup of salts in a footbath.  Add salts before you add water, then add your bubble bath or oils.

2.       State your intentions before entering the tub. Here is a mantra you can use:

It is my intention to purify my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body of other people’s energies, and all energies that are not for my highest good.

3.       Add some essential oils or scented bubble bath to make it a more pleasurable experience. Try to use natural products as much as possible. Chemicals are low in vibration and can lessen the purifying effects of your bath.

4.       Use warm instead of very hot water: A hot bath can cause the pores to contract and block the absorption of healthy minerals in your bath, and you want all of that wonderful magnesium to get into your system! Choose a temperature that is not too hot, but not so cool that you will be sitting in cold water towards the end of your bath.

5.       Soak for 20-30 minutes. 15 minutes is enough to absorb some minerals and to feel an energetic shift, but I recommend 20-30 minutes. Anything more than 35 minutes, you are just bathing in the impurities that have been released into the water.

6.       Close your purification ceremony with another mantra:

I have cast these negative energetic burdens on the salt and I go free. I send these energies back to mother Earth to be turned into Love. I am blessed and purified.

7.       Exit the bath and then open the drain. Visualize the negative energies (you can name them: anger, depression, anxiety, etc.) going down the drain.

8.       Rinse yourself off with fresh water.

9.       End with a visualization. Sit down in a quiet space and visualize white or golden Light entering your body through your Crown Chakra (head), travelling down your spine, in and around all of your organs, down your arms and legs. Imagine the Light coming out of your stomach and surrounding you like an egg. Please do not skip this step: Nature abhors a vacuum—you have just released negative energy, so replace it with what you want—otherwise something will fill that space for you.

10.   Thank God, the Universe, Your Higher Self or your Guides for their assistance, and go enjoy your day!

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2 thoughts on “How to Take a Salt Bath

  1. I love this. I just picked up your Emotional Clearing bubble bath today (along with four other items!) at the Enchanted Boutique expo today. I like the mantras presented and plan to give it a try later today!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the products and blog. Peace and Blessings -Anika

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