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Friendsgiving: A New Concept for the Holidays

Friendsgiving: A Wonderful New Concept

I love this new term, and I think it is the wave of the future. As we move into the fifth dimension, we are not going to be able to take all of our relations with us. You may decide that in spite of your love for your family, you have moved on to a higher stage of consciousness and do not have much in common with them anymore, making holiday dinners a drag–this can often be reflected in something as simple as the menu: You may find that due to your new dietary requirements you can’t eat half of the food that is served at your relatives’ traditional holiday dinner—do you really think the vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, organic stuffing that you plan to bring is going to be a success? Now you know your daddy is not going to eat that!

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Essential Oils vs. Synthetic Fragrance: Which is Better?

The use of fragrance goes back to the ancient times. For thousands of years, humans have used oils, incense, and extracts to set a mood for events, or to scent their bodies. In those days natural substances like herbs, leaves, flowers, roots, woods, and animal secretions were harvested for their aromas. These same natural materials are still available today, but thanks to modern science and industrial technologies we also have an array of synthetic fragrances to choose from as well. So, which is better? Whether you choose to use naturally derived or commercial synthetic fragrances to scent your body and home, you will have some safety issues to consider; there are benefits to using both essential oils and synthetic fragrances, but they are both hold some potential dangers. Let’s explore both as you consider whether natural or synthetic fragrance is best for you and your family.

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What is a Spiritual Attachment?

A spiritual attachment means that a spirit has integrated itself within a human’s spiritual body. Humans are multidimensional beings—we have a soul or spirit that exists on a higher dimension that is integrated with our third dimensional or physical body. Sometimes when humans make their transition (die), they do not always “cross over” into the higher dimensions where human souls spend the afterlife; they can become stuck for various reasons—sometimes they just can’t accept that they have died.

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Spiritual Bathing vs. Taking a Bath

Spiritual bathing is a practice going back to ancient times. Bathing was used as a method of healing, purification, manifestation, and divination. When you are bathing with one of these purposes in mind, the methods and products used will be different. Salt Bathing is a method of spiritual bathing, which means it is really a ceremony with a ritual that needs to be followed to guarantee a certain effect. Let me explain the difference between taking a bath and spiritual bathing and how this affects your Wild Purple Energy Product purchases.

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Protection Product Line

As an empath, if I hadn’t developed this product, I would not be able to attend any concert, go to a bar (which is pretty infrequent these days), movie theater, or mall ever again. I simply could not handle it. The Protection Product line has changed my life, and also many other of my empathic clients’ lives as well. It is a very powerful and effective blend, and it smells great. The Protection Essential Oil Blend is a floral-forward scent with strong Rose-Geranium notes; it also has wood elements, spruce, and a hint of licorice.

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How to Take a Salt Bath

1.       Use 1-2 cups of salt per bath, or ¼ cup of salts in a footbath.  Add salts before you add water, then add your bubble bath or oils.

2.       State your intentions before entering the tub. Here is a mantra you can use:

It is my intention to purify my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body of other people’s energies, and all energies that are not for my highest good.

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Salt Bathing

Throughout history salt has been considered a precious commodity due to its ability to preserve food. Being able to stop food from spoiling had a tremendous impact on society. To preserve organic matter, means to disallow or delay mold, fungi, or bacteria from growing and consuming that matter (food). In a manner of speaking, we could say that salt staves off impurities. What a substance can do in the physical world, it can also do in the energetic world (as above, so below), so salt also staves off energetic impurities as well. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to cleanse the spiritual body from negative energy.  

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Detach Product Line

Detach Product Line

The Detach product line was created to help people remove spiritual attachments. It is truly amazing that so many physical and mental afflictions can be caused by intrusive energy. Year after year, people take themselves to healers and doctors for assistance when unbeknownst to them and the medical professionals, their energy fields (aura) have been invaded by something external from themselves and needs to be removed.

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How to Raise Your Consciousness

In my previous post on Consciousness I stated that the level of consciousness of a human being is measured by the quantity and quality of love, wisdom and power housed in the seat of the soul, otherwise known as the Heart Ratio. If you have not read this post, you can find it here.  This post discusses actual ways that you can increase your heart ratio by focusing on growing the three components, of which love is the most important.

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