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What is a Virus? A Spiritual Perspective

My strongest spiritual gift is my sensitivity: I have clairsentience and clairgustance (the ability to smell energy). When I am around someone that has a cold or bacterial infection I can both smell and taste the pathogens in the air, as well as feel the pathogen’s energy. Viruses have a very distinct smell that is a little different from bacteria. Either way, they both smell and taste terrible!

Viruses are so small, that their physical bodies barely register as anything at all. They have a pretty puny and unimpressive physical body but their energetic/spiritual body is a powerhouse. Viruses have consciousness and intelligence—that is what makes them so adaptable and therefore, so destructive.

Viruses have a very low vibration that resonates with fear. When I am around someone who is very anxious and fearful they have a smell that is very similar to those who have a virus. Viruses thrive on fear energy. So, if you are fearful, you are in alignment to the same energy that viruses thrive on. If you are fearful of viruses then you are an exceptional vibrational match to them. That is why panic exacerbates viral outbreaks, making people even more susceptible to their attacks.

As with all things in the Universe, viruses serve a purpose. The spiritual/metaphysical purpose of a cold for example, is releasing old emotions, usually grief, anger, and resentment. Every dis-ease is a powerful teacher, telling us of our emotional state. So, what does this Coronavirus tell us? What is it helping us to release? I believe it is teaching us about fear and the importance of emotional purification.

My Recommendations

  1. The best way to avoid viruses is to not be a vibrational match to them. Anything you think about and have emotions about, you are a vibrational match to–this is why it is so important to not be fearful of viruses whether its the usual seasonal fear-of-flu campaign, or a deadly outbreak like the Coronavirus. If you’re not a vibrational match, then by means of the Law of Attraction, you will not come across people who are contagious. Do not underestimate the power of your thoughts! If you come across someone who is sneezy, or see something scary on TV, walk away or change the channel and then say: “I thank God that I am happy, healthy, and whole.”
  2. Keep your vibration high. Viruses have a low vibration and like attracts like. Keeping your vibration high is like creating an energetic force field around your energetic body (aura) that can help repel energetic pestilence. Even if you do become exposed to a virus, it won’t thrive so well in your body because its spiritual/energetic power is greatly diminished by your high vibes. So the virus and it’s energy may get inside of you, but you will not get sick.
  3. Strengthen your immune system. This is imperative if you expect to have any semblence of good health in these modern days. Strong immunity is not just about avoiding infection: we need our immune system to help protect our bodies from multiple diseases, environmental toxins, and unfortunately to help digest our food if we eat a poor diet. Check out my post on Natural Ways to Boost your Immune System.
  4. Do your emotional work. Like I said before, the least amount of pent-up, unresolved emotional energy that you carry in your energetic and physical body, the less instances of dis-ease you will have. All sicknesses provide an opportunity to purge emotionally which can bring about a physical healing. Viral epidemics, while tragic, also provide us with a grand opportunity since it is an alert that our emotional state needs attention. Viruses are pestilence, and when pestilence takes over it means that we need to clean up! It’s time to purify our bodies with good diets and exercise, and purify our spirits by healing our emotions and getting control of our thought-life.

Time for Prayer

Let us take time to pray for the health and safety of those who were infected with Coronavirus and for the brave healthcare workers that are putting themselves at risk out of love for their fellow citizens. God bless them all.

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2 thoughts on “What is a Virus? A Spiritual Perspective

  1. This is a gift. Thank you for owning and sharing your superpowers so freely. I wish I could afford to support you more financially during this time. 🙏🏼

    1. It took me a long time to own my abilities and to finally be able to be myself. Its not an easy journey but it is rewarding once you get there. Thanks for leaving a comment!

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