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A Spiritual Perspective on the Coronavirus

SARS in 2003, The Swine Flu/H1N1 in 2009, Zika in 2015, and now the Coronavirus in 2020. Once again the world is swept up in a whirlwind of fear over another deadly viral outbreak. I decided to tune into my spirit guides for their perspective and recommendations on how we can protect ourselves from infection.

My Guides Recommendations:

Stop Watching the News!

My guides showed me a red stop sign, and I knew exactly what they were trying to say: We need to stop living in fear of this virus. When the fear stops, the virus will slow down and stop spreading too. Whether they realize it or not, the news stations are helping to spread the virus with all of their fearmongering. They are drumming up so much fear that they are helping people become a vibrational match to the virus! For more information on the energetic aspects of viruses and how they relate to fear, read my post: What is a Virus? A Spiritual Perspective. Folks, it’s time to unplug. The so called news is the vector upon which the virus spreads, and you need to avoid it like the plague (no pun intended). Knowing all of the new stats on how many people have the virus worldwide isn’t helping you in any way–its just the opposite–its hurting you. Just do your due diligence: wash your hands often, disinfect your phone, take your vitamins, do your spiritual work as suggested in this post and go live your life.  It’s truly all you can do.


My guides showed me a picture of a big ball of light that bounced up into the sky. There is a reason why the ancients used to worship the Sun. The Sun is the most plentiful provider of Light and Life Force Energy we have access to. Light carries information that nourishes and strengthens the body and boots our immune system. This is the other reason why people rarely get sick in the summer months—because they are spending more time outside. Try to spend 15 minutes outside every day. If it is very cold where you live, then sit in a sunny window. Talk to the conscious being that lives in the Sun, and ask it to give you what you need to be happy, healthy, and whole.

Tip: Put some purified or spring water in a clear covered glass container and let it sit outside for a few hours (or a sunny window if it’s cold out). Drink in the sun’s energy to enliven your cells and your spirit!

Stay Grounded

My guides showed me bare feet walking on the grass, which is their signal for “get grounded.” You really have no idea how connecting yourself to the Earth can affect your spiritual and physical health. The Earth is another way that humans can gather life force energy. It’s not quite the same energy as the Sun—it is very nourishing, and helps fortify and seal our energy field so we are not easily penetrated. Remember, viruses are energetic pathogens too. A strong energy field with good boundaries is very effective way to avoid the energetic whammy that viruses throw upon you. The Grounding Product Line can help. Click here to read more about grounding and the Grounding Product Line.

Strengthen the Root Chakra

This is related to grounding. My guides showed me with a big donut of bright red light energy circling my hips. The Root Chakra rules your physical stamina, health, courage, and purity. YouTube has many Root Chakra meditations. Try one and picture this red donut of light around your lower body as well.

Use Love Energy

One of my guides represents love, and she is the one that helps facilitate the channeling of love energy when I perform healings. She twirled around and showed off a long pink wrap that she was wearing, with swirls of pink energy billowing off of the fabric. I knew she meant that she wanted me to talk about how love energy can shield us from viral attack. Love is the exact opposite of fear—so applying love energy to fear energy (viruses) is like splashing water on a fire. However, my guides were emphasizing filling yourself up with love energy as a means of protection and prevention, not to heal. If you are already sick, love energy can certainly help, but don’t expect your symptoms to just disappear if the virus has already taken hold. Reach out to a healthcare professional if you are already feeling ill.

Purify Yourself and Your Space

My Guides showed me flowers and plants. There are some great herbal remedies you can take to help fortify your immune system. Read my post: Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System. I hate to say this, but a while back my guides suggested that I create a Wild Purple Energy product that helped fight viruses. I created a formula but didn’t complete the production process yet. Sorry guys, I blew it big, I know. I promise to have that product ready for the next so-called “cold and flu season.” In the meantime, the following products are excellent purifiers and will do a great job clearing out energetic pestilence (including viral energy) from your energy field and living space. Note: Wild Purple Energy products are not cures for viral infections, they can protect the energy body from the energetic effects of viruses, which it turn protects the physical body as well:

Smudge Spray, all products from the Emotional Clearing Product Line and Protection Product Line.

For More Information, check out my YouTube post:

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