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How to Raise Your Consciousness

In my previous post on Consciousness I stated that the level of consciousness of a human being is measured by the quantity and quality of love, wisdom and power housed in the seat of the soul, otherwise known as the Heart Ratio. If you have not read this post, you can find it here.  This post discusses actual ways that you can increase your heart ratio by focusing on growing the three components, of which love is the most important.

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Emotional Clearing Product Line

This is the most versatile line in the Wild Purple Energy collection. Emotional Clearing essential oil blend is an emotional detoxifier; it is designed to purge low vibration emotions from the physical and energy bodies. Anger, fear, sadness, and emotionally charged thoughts will be removed so your energy field can be clean and pure.

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Consciousness: What is it?

“Consciousness” can be defined by the state of being awake or the extent that a being is aware of itself and its surroundings. “Conscious” is a medical, philosophical and spiritual term; we know that if someone is sleeping, in a coma, or “knocked out” that they are un-conscious. When the term consciousness is used in a philosophical or spiritual conversation, it means much more: one can be awake and aware, as in not-sleeping or knocked out, but be extremely unaware of the truth of the state of their own being and the truth about the state of the world they live in. Unfortunately, this is the case for most human beings.

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The Meaning of Life

Have you ever wondered why we are here and what is the meaning of life on Earth? Why were human beings created and what exactly are we supposed to be doing with our lives? Most of us will ask these existential questions at one point, and it’s a good thing that we do. Not knowing the purpose of life and/or their own individual’s life purpose is a source of mental anguish for many people.

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Grounding Product Line

The Grounding Essential Oil blend is designed to help keep your spirit anchored to your physical body. This is an issue for most humans and not just the energy workers who get spacey from swimming in the ethers while they work. I have spoken with energy workers who take aura photos, and they tell me that are no humans that are 100% grounded into their body. My aura photo suggested that I was only 75% in my body, but that was one of the highest levels that the photographer had seen in his work. That’s not okay, people—we have to do better than that!

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Balancing Product Line

This product line was designed to support emotional well-being. Whether an individual is struggling with fast-moving emotional states like anxiety, or slow-moving emotional states like depression, the essential oils in the Balancing blend can provide some stability by bringing the mind and emotional body back to into a state of balance.

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