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A Meditation for Forgiveness

We have all heard the saying “To err is human, to forgive is Divine.” This is true; Divine beings can and do forgive quite easily (if they even bother to get assign blame or get upset in the first place), but more importantly, every human must be able to forgive to fully access the Divine that exists within themselves. Please know that on the other side of forgiveness, is many of the things that you want but have not been able to manifest on your own.

Forgiveness is not about being nice to the other person, it’s about your own healing. When you cannot forgive, you are holding the energy of the negative emotions (anger, sadness, etc.)  surrounding the person or event within your emotional, mental, and physical bodies; over time this energy will manifest itself as mental and/or physical dis-ease. Forgiveness allows you an opportunity to avoid that manifestation—when you do so, you vibration will increase and the world will open up to you in ways that you cannot imagine.

Preparation and Steps

I recommend doing this meditation every day for 21 days. If you skip a day, start over until you complete 21 consecutive days. Ask for protection before entering into the meditation. Meditations are best done in the morning before you start your day or at night before you go to sleep. I recommend smudging your meditation space at least every few days throughout the 21 days. You may want to burn some incense or anoint yourself with oil before meditating. Find some meditative music on YouTube to listen to if it helps you focus (optional). After you complete the verbal meditation, stay in silence for about 5 minutes afterwards. If tears come, go ahead and have a good cry—it is cleansing and it’s the best way to purify yourself. Cry for as long and as hard as you can. I also recommend taking salt baths or foot baths consistently throughout the 21 days–try the first day and every three days after that. Wild Purple Energy Emotional Clearing Bath Salts are designed just for purposes like these. If you can, purchase the Emotional Clearing Perfume Oil or Essential Oil Blend and rub on your stomach and heart in a counterclockwise motion before entering into the meditation–this will help remove emotional debris from the heart and solar plexus chakras.

Choose a Deity

It is important for you to choose a Deity to work with. Please do not skip this step, as you need spiritual protection as you do this work—and you also want a Light Being to actually remove and transmute (change) this energy for you. Of course I have my own healing angels that I work with, but these are some Light Beings/Dieties that I have worked with for healing and protection: Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, The Angel of Mercy, Oshun, Saint Germain, and Master Yeshua (Jesus). Choose any Deity or Being of your choice although it’s best if healing or protection is one of their specialties. You can also simply use “God,” “Infinite Spirits of Light,” or “Healing Angels.”


Dear ________________ (Deity of Choice) I come before you in the spirit of love, asking for your assistance.

I release all pain and negative emotions surrounding ______________ (name of family member or painful event) and the pain that it/he/she has caused me.

I now reclaim my power in this situation.

I recognize and accept that people can only do better when they know better.

I recognize that and accept that __________ could not give me what they did not have.

I recognize and accept that only hurt people hurt other people.

I recognize and accept that ______________ was hurt by someone.

I ask that my pain around this matter by removed and turned into its highest form of light and love.

I ask that __________’s pain be removed and turned into its highest form of light and love.

I cast these burdens on ________ (Deity of choice) for healing, and I go free.

_________ I forgive you.

_________ I forgive you.

_________ I forgive you.

I am free.

Thank you.

It is done.

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