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The Importance of Grounding

Our ancestors understood the importance of staying connected to nature. Most modern Westerners have forgotten this: we live in fortresses of comfort that shield us from the energies of nature, and trap us in a cage of man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that disrupt our biofields. These disruptive frequencies can cause emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances, and could be one cause in the rise of ADHD diagnoses.

The Schumann Resonance is the measure of the frequency of the Earth’s vibration–this vibration is like Earth’s ‘heartbeat” and our bodies are naturally connected to that frequency. The Earth’s heartbeat actually has an effect on the human heart, brainwaves, and how much melatonin (neurotransmitter that regulates sleep cycles) we make. We have to make sure our bodies are following Earth’s natural rhythmic beats, and not the chaotic and unstable frequencies of man-made objects. We need to get outside to get right! Allow the Earth to calibrate our frequencies and bring us back into natural harmony.

Four Ways to Ground Yourself

Walk Outside Barefoot: Rubber soled-shoes are one of the worst thing that ever happened to the human species! When you place your bare feet on the Earth, there is an actual ionic exchange much like when you place a battery on a charging plate, or plug in your cell phone. You literally pull energy into your body via the chakras on the soles of the feet. Rubber blocks this ionic exchange (there’s a reason why wires are covered in rubber), so you gotta kick off those Nike’s and Louboutin’s and get grounded!

Grounding Meditation Exercise: This is the second-best way to ground if you cannot get outside. Stand or sit placing your feet flat on the floor. Take three deep cleansing breaths. Allow your awareness to settle into your feet. Imagine light coming out of your feet and going deep into the ground like two cords of light. The cords go straight down, through the soil, groundwater, caverns and all the way to the Earth’s core. Imagine a large ball of fiery green or red light at the core. Imagine this light traveling up the two cords back to you. Allow the light to build up in your feet, then bring the light up the legs and into your Root Chakra (red chakra at the groin). You can stop there, or bring the light into the Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras as well.

Take a Salt Bath: Salt bathing is another great way to get grounded. Salt (Sodium Chloride) is from the mineral kingdom and carries the Earth’s energy within it. A salt bath allows purification from the element of water, and also the grounding effect of the minerals that represent the Earth element. You get two healing effects for the price of one! Check out these posts for more information on salt bathing: Salt Bathing, How to Take a Salt Bath.

Use Grounding Essential Oils: Certain essential oils are greatly aligned with Earth energy/element and are therefore very grounding. You can inhale them, or dilute them with carrier oil and apply to the feet, legs, and lower back. Essential oils that are grounding: Cedarwood, Cypress, Patchouli, Pine, Sandalwood and Vetiver. You can also try Wild Purple Energy’s Grounding product line. You can read about how to use the Grounding Product Line here.

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