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An Invisible Enemy?

In the midst of the pandemic, we have been hyper-focused on viruses which are indeed an invisible enemy. But I want to draw your attention to another invisible enemy that you might not be giving much thought to right now. This enemy is in your home, car, and your workplace. It’s beloved, worshiped, and something that modern Americans could not live without even if you paid them a million dollars to give it up. I am talking about the Electromagnetic Radiation and Radio Frequencies (EMF, EMR, RF) oozing out of your beloved electronic devices.

I looooove my laptop, Netflix, and all that modern techie jazz; I would have lost my mind during the lock down without it. But I believe these frequencies are dangerous and I try to limit my exposure.

A healthy human body vibrates at a frequency of 60-72 MHz. The RF of cell phones is 800+ MHz, and WI-Fi devices use 3-5 GHz frequency bands! The fact that these frequencies are high is only partly the issue, it has more to do with whether it harmoniously resonates with the human bio electric field and physical body or not. I believe it does not. I am not technologically inclined enough to know and explain exactly how these technologies work, but I do know how they make me feel, and that is why I felt compelled to write this post.

There is much debate over this issue and the research shows mixed results; it is not 100% clear if cell phones and W-Fi are harmful to human health or not, but the research suggests a clear cause for concern. As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) ans empath, it’s time for me to weigh in on the issue. I have collected my own data based on my personal experiences.

My Personal Findings

The first time I tried to stream my beloved YouTube videos on my cell in my car, I got really disoriented. I got dizzy and felt like I was going to faint so I pulled over. Opening the windows helped almost immediately, and I felt better after a few minutes. I wound up the windows and drove off again, and the symptoms returned! I was scared, so I turned off my phone and tried to decide if I should go to the emergency room–before I finished deciding I realized that I felt almost fine again. The problem was my cell phone. The cell phone radiated much more energy while it was streaming, and being enclosed in a small enclosed space made it easier for me to feel the RF energy. To this day, I do not stream videos on my cell in my car.

I remember when I got my first ROKU streaming device. I was so excited! One of the Harry Potter movies was on, and it was the first thing I watched with my new ROKU. Harry and I kicked it for a whopping 10 minutes until my eyes got so heavy that I turned the TV off and laid down to take a nap. Before I got too settled into the couch pillows I realized that I wasn’t so sleepy anymore, and sat back up to turn the TV back on. I got dizzy and sleepy again! I was sensing the EMR/EMF being emitted during the connection between the streaming device and my router. I decided to plug my streaming device into the wall instead of using the WI-fi and the symptoms never returned again.

I got a new router with a 5G capability and I could not even sit in front of that thing for 2 minutes without feeling woozy. Luckily the 5G feature could be turned off, so just I used the slower speed. I put a few hunks of Black Tourmaline in front of the router and now I can sit in front of it–I can still feel the energy a little but its bearable.

In conclusion: I think we are getting ‘fried’ by these devices, and the long-term affects of over exposure to these types of radiation are down right scary. As a former educator, I have already witnessed a gradual decrease of young people’s cognitive abilities over the years, and I really do believe technology is the source of the problem.

It would be in your and especially your children’s best interest to minimize your exposure to these energies, and get outside every day to get away from them. Sit on your porch or go take walks without your phone. Turn your routers off at night, put Black Tourmaline or Shungite around your electrical devices, and avoid the 5G technology for as long as you can. We need to get back to the way our ancestors lived, and bow to the frequencies of nature, and not dangerous man-made devices. Stay well everyone!

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