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What to do if You’re Alone during the Holidays

If you are not able to orchestrate time spent with others around the holidays due to the pandemic or whatever reason, it doesn’t mean that you absolutely cannot have a good time. Perhaps having a good time is unrealistic, but you certainly do not have to be miserable. Here are some things you can do to cheer yourself up if you’re on your own during the holidays:

  1. Pamper yourself: Can you schedule a massage or nail appointment the day before, of, or after a holiday? Go get your hair done! This includes men too. This isn’t the time to go all testosterone-y! Self-care is for men and women. It’s important to keep yourself relaxed.
  2. Eat your favorite foods. Okay, here’s your plan: Choose three to five of your favorite meals. Make arrangements to prepare these meals for yourself, or if they come from a restaurant, order them and make sure you have at least one special meal to eat for the day before, of, and after the holiday. Try a meal-delivery service if it makes it easier.
  3. Get a gift for yourself. If it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday that involves gift-giving, get something special for yourself. First-create a budget—this is important because if you overspend then you will have to deal with the guilt and depression over that choice. Buy yourself at least one special item. Have it wrapped up or wrap it up yourself and open it on the holiday.
  4. Have a movie-marathon of your favorite movies. Get some of your favorite snacks (don’t overdo it—we don’t want to start an emotional eating habit) and enjoy a fun night in.
  5. Use laughter to heal. Watch funny movies or shows from your favorite standup comedians. YouTube has a plethora of clips from comedians that you can stream while you’re preparing meals, getting dressed, or driving. This will help keep your spirits up and prevent negative emotions from getting the better of you.
  6. Smudge your house every day. Smudging helps keep negative emotions and entities out of your space as well as releasing any negative emotions that you might create while you are battling depression and loneliness.
  7. Take salt baths and/or foot baths daily. Please do not underestimate the power of a salt bath’s ability to keep your emotions in check. Cleaning out your energy body does wonders for your mood, and is your best bet for staving off a depressive episode. Click to view Wild Purple Energy Bath Salts or create your own.
  8. Use aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a great choice for providing some emotional support during the holidays. Try using an Inhaler, Perfume Oil, Aura Spray, or Essential Oil Blend for your diffuser. The following Wild Purple Energy Product Lines are great for holiday blues:

Uplifting Product Line (Depression, Sadness)

Balancing Product Line (Depression, Anxiety)

Grounding Product Line (Anxiety, Lack of Focus)

Wind Down Product Line (Stress Relief, Sleep)

Emotional Clearing (Releasing Negative Emotions, Relaxation)

*Aromatherapy is not a treatment for mental disease. It is a natural  support system that can help manage difficult emotions*

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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